We offers world-class treatments for eyebrow transplant and to help people restore their hair easily. Many people do not know much about eyebrow transplants. 

Many of these people still go for micro-needling, embroidery and tattooing of the eyebrows which results in the destruction of the hair follicles at the eyebrows. 

At Hair Transplant Centre, we provide eyebrow restoration for those who are born with sparse eyebrows, uneven eyebrows and for eyebrows that have been damaged. We divide the eyebrows into 3 parts – the head, the body, and the tail – and we harvest about 350 to 700 grafts. 

The results are very natural and permanent. We also provide post-care treatments which are included in the service and we will follow up and guide you through the after-care journey. 

Our hair transplant surgeons are skilled, and have an experience of performing more than 2000 eyebrow transplants till date.


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Procedures Done on Treatment

How is it Done?

Eyebrow hair transplantation using follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique is an excellent technique to replace hair in the Eyebrow and achieve desired eyebrow.

In Eyebrow hair transplantation using FUE technique, each hair follicular unit (FU) is harvested one by one from the scalp in the back of the head using a special harvester. 

The FU is trimmed and implanted into the desired area in the eyebrow.

New hair will grow from the implanted FU to produce a new eyebrow with desired shape and length. 

Eyebrow transplant results are virtually indistinguishable from a natural eyebrow with the transplanted hairs blending right in with the existing brow. 


The delicate procedure requires accurate placement of hair into tiny incisions to mimic the natural growth and minimize scarring, or any other kind of damage to the existing hair. 

The procedure involves placement of about 150 to 350 hair in each eyebrow depending upon the amount of hair existing, and the density of hair needed with the desired size.

  • Harvesting Process
    Donor hair is carefully harvested, paying close attention to protecting blood supply and nerves while maximizing harvest yield. Meticulous closure of donor sites minimizes discomfort and improves healing.
  • Recipient Site Creation
    Recipient sites are chosen with perfect angles, direction, pattern and graft-to-site fit in mind to create the most natural results.
  • Hair Graft Placement
    Our experienced team expertly places all hair grafts so they are not too deep or too high and to prevent trauma upon placement.

Duration: 5-6 hours
Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia
When to Go Home after Procedure: Immediately after procedure
Back to Work: The next day


After full recovery, the transplanted hair will start growing after 3-4 from the date of procedure and keep growing continuously.

After a successful transplantation, the transplanted hair might fall after 3 weeks, but this should not worry you as they grow back better than ever, after 4 to 6 months. 

The patient can get back to his routine life within one week of the treatment.